News from the Round Table at Pouland's

Written by Sandra Pouland
Published by The Diboll Free Press

May 22, 2017


My thanks to Jimmie Woodard for sharing news about her most recent trip.

I (Jimmie) went to Waco for a few days with cousins Kim Johnson (Livingston), Eve Brinkley (Florida), Linda Thompson (Hudson), Sonnye Thompson (transplant from Tennessee). Cousin Kim had a big surprise for us as we started out on our trip.  She had 38 items on a scavenger list that we were to fulfill as we traveled along on our great adventure.  Our first item was a selfie with a waiter/waitress, so while driving through Navasota we made a stop at Martha’s Bloomers, had lunch and got #1 off the list.  It was awesome looking at all the gifts, treasures and plants and enjoying a delicious meal!

Our main focus of the trip was to visit the famous HGTV show Fixer Upper’s, Magnolia Silo Market, where we 5 ladies went C C C R R R A Z Y !  Had a crazy ladies’ marvelous time shopping, eating and making new friends.  Had opportunity to meet and visit with David Ridley, who became an integral part of the show in 2016, when his home was featured as one of the fixer uppers.  David became an instant celeb and has been Waco’s most eligible bachelor until recently when he announced his engagement.  He often appears on the show and has started his own business “Waco Tours”.  Our group decided to go on the 3 hour tour and was so excited we did.  David (another David, not Ridley) and driver Lucas have both appeared on the show several times.  Therefore, we enjoyed seeing 12 different “Fixer Upper” homes, one of which was David Ridley’s and had the privilege of stopping and seeing his house.  On the tour we also had opportunity to learn about Cameron Park, Lover’s Leap, Jacob’s Ladder, Texas Rangers Museum, Baylor University, Ministry under the overpass, the 1953 tornado, a castle built in 1893 and so much  more.

We also went to Homestead Heritage, which is an agrarian community, where the residents live a self-sustaining lifestyle.  They grow their own food (by means of horse and plow and handmade tools), make their own flour, cornmeal, jellies, syrup, cloths, blankets, quilts, furniture, tools, cheese, butter, bread and much more.  Their community allows area schools to visit (free of charge) to learn about their lifestyle and at the same time learn about weaving, spinning, forging, farming and making furniture, candles, cheese, pottery, jelly, syrup.  There is also a general store on the property, a restaurant and a gift shop.

Of course, we did a lot of walking and sightseeing and enjoyed such awesome sights as the bronze statues of the longhorns and cowboys depicting the Chisholm Trail, the famous suspension bridge of Waco, interesting architectural designs of churches and businesses, Baylor University, Texas Ranger Museum and lots of cool places to dine and shop. It was a most outstanding trip and we all recommend you visit Waco and do take a tour with Waco Tours!

Thank you again, Jimmie. I never tire of reading about trips.

Enjoyed visiting with Derek Constante in the store. Derek graduated from DHS in 2004 and is presently living in Diboll and married to Tiffany (Pyle). They have two children; 8-year-old Aden and 16-month-old, Tiffany. Derek works in west Texas for two weeks at a time in the oil field industry then has one week at home. That day he left the store he was going to the home of his niece, Rebecca Brazil, to celebrate her 5th birthday. He couldn’t believe he had promised Rebecca to let her give him a manicure, pedicure and “makeup”. She will always remember this birthday and I bet Derek does too.

We were pleasantly surprised when Bill Ward, former DISD superintendent, walked through the door one day. He had plans to meet his son Chad for lunch then drive to Chester to spend the weekend at a tournament competing with his bow. When Chad arrived they decided to stay and eat “backstrap” at the RT. Someone convinced Andrea if they donated the venison she would cook it. She not only cooked it but also fresh squash (donated by Gary Jones and Mark Hafernick) sautéed with onions, seasoned green beans and homemade biscuits. Others that enjoyed the tasty meal were Dennis Lenderman, Gary Jones, Woody Ingram and golfing friends of his; Raymond Vann, Sonny Clements and Andy Jordan. It was a great meal!

Bridgette Chandler who always seems to have a pleasant smile was grinning from ear to ear when she came in the store; she graduated from SFA on May 8th. She was one of about 25 students whose ceremony was a week earlier due to conflicting athletic events on the actual graduation date of May 13th. Bridgette earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a focus on Human Performance. She has worked since beginning her freshman year as a softball trainer at Angelina College. During her last semester at SFA, in addition to her classes, she was a football trainer, track manager and also worked at a bike shop. Bridgette said someone once told her, “Love what you do and you’ll never work”, she said, “I’ve never worked a day in my life”. She is excited about starting to work on her master’s degree in July. Congratulations!

Angelina County 4-H members need your help in collecting plastic shopping bags. The 4-H members who will be attending the Texas Roundup in June will be weaving the plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless. You can bring your bags here to Pouland’s or to the Extension office.

Tom Farley was a mighty proud grandfather when he came in the store. His grandson, Ziegen Farley is going to play in the Baseball World Series in Florida. Ziegen is the 14-year-old son of Randall and Jessica who live in San Antonio with their other children: Malachi, Nalei and Isabelle.  To raise funds for the Florida trip, Tom brought us raffle tickets for a drawing on June 10 for the following prizes: Glock 19 9mm pistol; AR15 MPC rifle; three 45-quart Yeti coolers. Tickets are $20 each and available here at Pouland’s. For more information or to buy a ticket, call Tommy Farley 936-635-3341 or 936-829-4369.

Remember Memorial Day is May 29th. Be thankful for all the freedoms we have because of those who fought and those who continue to serve and protect those freedoms.

Comes see us…’round the table.


May 15, 2017


Diboll has a new business that is now up and running and open for business.  MILLENIA WATER & ICE. The owners are Steve and Dortha Jackson of Diboll who own the office complex on Weber Street located behind Commercial Bank in Diboll where MILLENIA is also located (between Wilkerson Financial and Brenda Platt’s Cuts & More). The water is purified by reverse osmosis and is pure and clean. It’s perfect for drinking, cooking, camping, fish tanks, pets and ER situations. I stopped by and purchased two gallons to make coffee and received a free cup of coffee with my purchase. What a difference it made in my coffee pot the next morning! Future plans include 3 & 5 gallon bottles, cooler rentals and delivery. They are open Monday-Friday 8AM until 4PM. Their vivacious and outgoing daughter-in-law, Cortney, waited on me which fits their slogan, “Our Family Serving Yours”. For more information, call 936-526-2506. By the way, this is the same family that owns the colorful and popular “Tropical Toucan” truck that serves many flavors of shaved ice.

Walter Key from San Augustine, his brother Francis and wife Jane from Tomball, are moving their new business to Diboll. It’s so new they haven’t officially found a name; I suggested “Storage Treasures” since they will be selling items from storage containers they have purchased; furniture, jewelry, home décor, pictures, some antiques and much more. Whatever the name will be it will be located north of Diboll on highway 59 at the intersection of Brookwood in the building that was formally the “Rusty Cactus” and “Flowers Body Shop”. Walter plans to be open by this Saturday, May 20th from 10AM until 6PM. They are already a member of the Diboll Business Association which will have an official ribbon cutting later. Walter lives in San Augustine where he served as Superintendent of the school district. While in Diboll he was anxious to eat at Los Jarritos because he knew Julie and Carlos and their two children when they lived in San Augustine. Did you catch that Walter’s brother’s name is Francis? His full name is Francis Scott Key, Jr. and his son is the third. You may know that another Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

Daniel Phipps of Diboll came in bringing several old plaques that he and other workers found while cleaning out an old building at Lufkin Industries. Daniel has worked for 37 years in the Power Transmissions department formally Lufkin Industries. He wanted to know if we knew or could deliver the keepsakes. One plaque was from the 1993 Angelina County Youth Fair when LI purchased a steer exhibited by Lindsay Syler who must have been about 10 years old at the time. When I told Daniel that Lindsay is now a wife, veterinarian and owner of the newest state-of-the-art animal clinic in East Texas, he wanted to personally deliver the plaque to her .Nikki Capps’ picture was on another award. She was the daughter of Eugene and Phyllis Capps of Diboll but now a wife and mother who lives in Corrigan. I told him we could see that she receives her plaque as well as two other awards: 1997 & 98 that both went to Miranda Whitten who lived in Huntington at that time. Her parents, Mike and Linda Whitten now live in the Burke area.

Thomas Anderson visits the round table on a weekly basis but made an extra visit last week to bring us a homemade syrup cake that he baked. It really was very good and the whipped cream he also brought added even more flavor. Thank you Thomas. Buck Murrah from Slocum stopped by on his way home from Houston and enjoyed remembering “the good ole days” growing up in East Texas. Otis Ray Posey brought us fresh squash from his garden. He has lots of tomatoes planted so we’re hoping he’ll share of them later. Thank you for the squash. I have a new recipe from Lena Coody for squash casserole that we all love. Gary Gores was in buying “Rocky’s Rub”, a seasoning that is good on everything. Hal Hubbard was in with a flat on his 4-wheeler. It was urgent to get it fixed because his one-year-old grandson, Jacen, loves to ride on the 4-wheeler.

The Malcolm Still Memorial Golf Tournament will be June 3rd & 4th at Neches Pines Golf Course. All proceeds will go toward a golf scholarship for a student. For more information contact Chad Ogden 936-414-0936 or call 829-5086.

The following is what you get when people don’t send me local news. This is educational in that it’s the meaning of a new word. NOMOPHOBIA. Noun. 1) The fear of being without a working cellphone. 2) A near-debilitating side effect of today’s constantly connected culture. Usage: According to a survey conducted by a digital security firm, 66% (probably millennials and younger people) suffer from varying degrees of nomophobia. A term that means no mobile phone; the symptoms of this cellular attachment include constantly checking one’s device and zealous monitoring of battery life.

Please send me news!! Come see us…’round the table.

May 8, 2017


Two friends who are also preachers, stopped to visit at the round table. Vic Bass is a regular but it was the first time for Steve Cowart, pastor of Trinity Baptist. Vic is primarily responsible for the wooden crosses you see in many yards in this area and Bro. Cowart’s church has volunteers that work with this ministry. Vic and his wife, Shelia have recently returned from a memorable ten day trip to an island in the Bahamas and no, it wasn’t the Grand Bahama Island where cruise ships frequent. I learned there are 700 islands in the Bahamas but only 12 are inhabited.  They stayed on “Man-O-War” which is a small island in the Abaco region of the Bahamas. It is 2-1/2 miles long and has a population of about 300 Bahamian residents. Vic and Shelia arrived there by an 11-mile ferry ride from Marsh Harbour Island after flying from Orlando, Florida. The community is very close-knit. There are two small grocery stores, a marina, a boat yard, a few gift shops, a hardware and lumber store, two restaurants and a bakery. There is a bank but it is only open for half a day, one day a week. The two restaurants are only open from 10AM until 1PM and 6-8 PM. Golf-carts, bicycles and walking are the only means of transportation because of the narrow and often unpaved roads. No liquor is sold on the island. The people are very conservative and still hold deep affection and loyalty to the British Crown. The majority of the residents are avid church-goers and the island has four churches. Bro. Vic was pleased to have been invited to preach at the New Life Bible Church which owns the cottage where they relaxed for a week while staying on the island. The pastor is Randy Crowe and about 75 people were present to hear Vic’s sermon on “prayer”. Vic and Shelia said the people are both friendly and good-natured and brought them fresh bananas and seafood. The island is clean, well-kept and very safe. With very little crime there is only one policeman and the school has a total of 16 students who go home for lunch every day.

After a relaxing week and fun in the sand, Vic and Sheila rode the ferry back and flew from Marsh Harbor to Atlanta, Georgia where they were met by Anthony George who is a longtime friend of theirs they met in Mesquite while attending Criswell Bible College. Anthony continued his education to earn his Doctorate of Theology. He is presently serving as the Senior Associate Pastor to Dr. Charles Stanley, pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta which is where Vic and Shelia attended church on Sunday. They had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Stanley after the morning worship service and enjoyed having lunch with Mary Gellerstadt who is the Director of Missions for that church and who arranged for Vic and Shelia to have this special, unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Attending worship services and meeting Dr. Charles Stanley was the “icing on the cake”.

While visiting with Steve Cowart, pastor of Trinity Baptist in Lufkin, we learned he not only preaches but can sing too. Steve was a member of the popular groups, “Calvary Boys” and “The Waymakers”. He and John Ralph found many mutual friends from Steve’s first church a few years ago at Pine Grove Baptist on FM1818. I heard him say he remembered that Linville Campbell signed his check every week and remembered the families of Willard Grimes, Pearl Havard, Clifford, Paul and C. B. Dubose and Vera Jones who is still an active member there.

It was a pleasure to see and visit with the young-at-heart 82-year-old Jean Wilson from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada who spent three weeks in Burke in the home of her daughter, Denise, who has a working horse ranch, “The Cowboy and the Princess”. Another daughter, Valerie, who also lives in Woodstock has her own working horse ranch, but has been here training and helping Denise until the weather warms in Canada. Their parents, Howard and Jean Wilson, had 7 children; 6 girls, four of whom have always ridden horses and is passing that love on their children and grandchildren. Mr. & Mrs. Wilson owned a tour bus business. Mrs. Wilson said she stayed at home with the children while her husband traveled all over America and brought a lot of Canadians to Florida during the winter and took them back home in the spring. While staying in Burke Denise took her “mum” to see her first rodeo and she loved it, especially the mutton busting, bronc riding and barrel racing. Mrs. Wilson and her daughter Valarie flew back to Canada earlier this week which ended a nice three week visit to East Texas and the Round Table.

Diboll’s former City Manager, Lanny Parrish, made a rare visit to Pouland’s to buy “Over the Top” spray for the peas in his garden. He had a bronze tan from all the gardening and mowing and was tickled with the zucchini squash that came back on its own from last year. Typical of the hard life of a gardener, Lanny had to deal with the ping pong and softball-size hail that damaged his garden. Vernon Glass was in buying more pea seed after softball-size hail ruined his peas.

A regular customer, Danny Steel, who owns S.A.S. Transmission at the entrance of the Angelina County Airport, was in shopping for bird feeders and bird seed. A serious bird lover, he bought a new feeder to add to the four he already has and almost 100 pounds of bird seed. He has lots of wild birds and 14-15 hummingbirds. In addition to all that he also has two gardens. His mother, LaNell Steel, lives next door where he takes care of one garden there and also feeds her chickens. Sometimes Danny has extra special help from his 3-year-old niece, Madalyn, who helps him while shelling peas.

I learned about “The Big Dip” at SFA from my granddaughter, Cheyenne Swor, last Friday when she received her senior ring. With her parents watching and following tradition, Cheyenne had to dip her hand into purple dye-like liquid then have the excess wiped off before receiving her ring and having her picture made with the president of the university. To have seen this would have made her great grandmothers extremely proud: Geraldine Pouland and my mother, Anna Lee (Burden) Powell who was in the first graduating class at SFA in 1924. Of course, we are proud too!

Come see us…’round the table.


May 1, 2017


May 1 was Madison Powell’s 16th Birthday! Her parents are Neely and Gaylon Powell who said she started the morning by taking her driving test after college and once the nerves settled, she realized she is now a licensed driver so watch out for her!! Madison will be easy to spot because her license plates say MADSSS so report any craziness to mom and dad, lol! A group of friends and family met at Chili’s for an evening of celebrating. They were blessed with Madison’s grandparents, Melba and Joe Allen, Betty and Larry Powell as well as Connie Allen, the New family, Sally Pilcher, Dalton Powell and his sweet friend Vivian and Maddie’s’ best friends Blake Fisher, Hannah Morrison and Drew Richard. They had a great time and will round off her Sweet Sixteen at a Lake House party in early June with all of her best friends!

Mallory Dorman, proud daughter of Michael and Lorraine (Lazarine) Dorman, will be graduating from the School of Education at Texas A&M and is applying for teaching jobs in the Houston area. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Weston Reynolds of Huntington FFA on being elected President of the McGee Bend District FFA. That’s quite an honor! His proud parents are Delbert and Jennifer Reynolds. Congratulations also to Sharon Mayo a customer who exhibited the Grand Champion Rabbit Meat Pen at the recent Angelina County Youth Fair. She has been a member of the Blue Ribbon 4-H for five years. Sandra Renfro has been one of the leaders of that 4-H for many years. Rozaline Runnels won the coveted Senior Rabbit Showmanship Award. She is a member of the Zavalla 4-H. Congratulations to all who participated in the Youth Fair, you are ALL winners!

Another customer of ours, Trevor Powell, Diboll 4-H member and 3rd grader exhibited the Reserve Champion Rabbit Meat Pen. If that wasn’t enough, he also had the Champion Breeding Rabbit Dutch Doe and the Champion and Reserve Dutch Buck. Looks like Trevor has learned a lot from being around his great grandpa, Frank Farrow and his great grandmother, Theresa Farrow who has earned lots of blue ribbons and trophies from exhibiting rabbits. Trevor’s dad Clay Powell won the Grand Champion meat Pen in 1999.His uncle Wade Powell won Grand Champion in 1997 and 1998. Trevor continues the legacy.

Hummingbirds have arrived and a few purple martins have finally found a home in our back yard. Hopefully, they will be hungry for mosquitoes. If you need a hummingbird feeder or nectar, Pouland’s has a nice selection of unique feeders. Sam Coleman purchased a new feeder. Don’t forget we also have caladium bulbs, a variety of roses including a beautiful Miranda Lambert rose, hanging baskets, and selections of vegetable and flower bedding plants. Don’t forget Mothers’ Day will soon be here; think of Pouland’s when you need a gift for her or a friend.

Thomas Lowther’s three sons surprised him with a gift of a cute baby Alpaca.  Family members had gathered at the Lowthers’ home to celebrate Adam’s birthday. Suddenly, Adam and his two brothers, Colin and Ben, told everyone to wait for the party to start until they returned. Thomas had a feeling they were up to something when they hooked up a trailer and drove away. It was a couple of hours before they returned with the darling solid black Al Paca they presented to their dad.  The Alpaca was accepted by all including 14 mature goats and 4 babies but the donkey was not happy about sharing any of his space.

Just a few of our customers who came in buying garden seeds were Rick Tilley, Winston Hooks, Billy Wayne Breazeale and all the way from the coastal area, R. W. Oaks, who farms on family land at the end of Mockingbird Lane in Diboll. R. W. came back the next day and bought his wife, Bethel (Lester), a rose bush. Choosing from the variety of roses we have for sale was Sue Johnson, Mark Hafernick, Mary Hendry and Nettie Mann.

Kim Chapman who drives all the way from Bullard to buy horse feed came in with her mother, JoNell Placker. In addition to horse feed, Kim also bought some of the gourmet food we carry, Chow Chow, and also bought a tomato plant. Rodney Lott, owner of the Eagle’s Nest Café in Zavalla, purchased some of Rocky Thompson’s “Rocky Rub Seasoning” that we proudly sell.

It was good to see and visit with Stacy Cooke who was in town visiting with his daughter and son-in-law, Carol and Jimmy Mettlen. Stacy enjoys the Anasazi Beans we sell. Retiree, Lisa Crager, is still enjoying the idea of being retired and bought one of the new beautiful Corinthian Wind Chimes we sell while her husband David was having new tires put on his tractor.

Former Diboll elementary classmate of ours, Denny Ashworth, drove from Texas City and brought his cousin, Danny Thomason, with him from Houston. J.R. cooked them some turnip greens and Andrea cooked cornbread and pinto beans. Others who enjoyed visiting with them was Bo Smith, Joe Paul Stovall, Don Hendrick, Richard Rainwater and Sherrel Fears who told them many stories from our past. Danny Thomason graduated from Lufkin and remembered Melba “Dee” (Elliott) Adams who was also eating lunch with us that day. Small World!

Charlotte (Morris) Carter invites everyone to stop by “His and Hers Trade Days” in Burke this weekend, May 6, for their 4th anniversary celebration.  They will have door prizes, Bluebell Ice Cream, and a big parking lot garage sale Saturday and Sunday.

If you receive The Diboll Free Press early today, Thursday. May 4, make plans to attend a National Day of Prayer service at the Lottie and Arthur Temple Civic Center. The service will begin at noon with a meal sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance of Diboll followed by a time of prayer.

Have a great week and come see us…’round the table.



April 17, 2017


Customers are coming in to buy garden seeds and bedding plants and some are already harvesting the fruits of their labor. One customer came in and said, “57 pounds of potatoes came from a 60 foot row of potato ‘eyes’ he planted. He was going home that night to eat fresh potatoes and yellow squash for supper. Earl Hudson reported he should have fresh tomatoes in about 30 more days. It’s always exciting to talk with gardeners about what they’ve planted and how their garden is doing. We still have bulk seeds and bedding plants and it’s never too late to plant vegetable or flowers.

Sue Baker, Wanda Fuller and Dianne Gibson all bought beautiful hanging baskets before we had time to display them. Marie Dear was happy to find moss rose plants. Charlotte Carter was in buying caladium bulbs as well as Lucille Weeks. Roy Lee Lyles bought three pounds of purple hull pea seeds. Peggy Burt and Bettye Greer both bought flower plants and Nikki Miller purchased one of our tiny fairy terrariums. Bobby Colbert shared that he and Patsy had about 30 guests in their home for Easter when he came in to buy plants. Jay Roach bought a few plants while waiting to get his new tires mounted.

Dianne Gibson, Sue Baker and Betty Capps stopped by after have brunch at the new Charlie’s located at the truck stop at the intersection of Hwy 69 and the Loop in Lufkin. They were bragging that the food is as good as they remembered it being at their old location. It’s been crowded but folks don’t seem to mind waiting. Peggy Burt and Nancy Sloan had lunch at Newk’s the same day.

You would be surprised at how many folks have chickens in their backyards. We are selling lots of chick starter which means there are baby chicks that have hatched (or given away during Easter). I am one of those who have baby chicks and there is nothing cuter. My Silvering Bantam has 8 chicks that are three weeks old and she is very proud and protective of them. Greg Ashabranner once told me when we were discussing chickens that Silkie hens would set on a rock. He was right. I have a beautiful Silkie and found her sitting on a very small clay pot. I removed the pot and put several bantam eggs under her and she is now the proud momma of 5 babies about the size of a golf ball.  My friendliest bantam named “Princess” is also due in a few days to hatch several chicks. Hens are devoted mothers sitting the majority of the day and night on their eggs for 21 days. Did you know chickens do cluck socially, but are relatively quiet for the most part. Hens will become slightly more vocal for a few minutes after laying an egg (who wouldn’t?), but even then it is no louder than a normal conversation between a bunch of guys sitting at the round table. Now roosters can be real noisemakers but even their early morning crowing doesn’t bother me.

If you are in the market for foul that make wonderful watchdogs, you need guineas. One of our customers from Polk County, Ann O’Rourke, has guineas for sale, or eggs to hatch.  You can contact her at 936-685-7259.

Bee Keeping is also becoming more popular in our area. The Pineywoods Bee Keepers’ Association is having a “Hands On Management” skills course at the Angelina County Extension office April 22, April 29 and May 6 starting at 9:30AM until 4:30PM. For more information, call 632-2272.

If raising fish sounds interesting to you, The Fish Truck from Arkansas that has been coming to Poulands for years and has lots of satisfied customers, will be parked in our driveway on Wednesday, April 26th from 12:15 until 1PM. He has a wide selection of fish and will be selling 4-6” channel catfish for $40 per hundred. Don’t be late!

A father-daughter turkey hunt is what Andy Parish and his daughter, Emily Hale, had planned for last weekend. They were leaving for a lease near Comanche hoping to have the same luck they had two years ago when Emily got a nice trophy. Brian Wilson is another one who truly enjoys hunting turkeys.

11-year-old Cooper Horton is a veteran hunter. He was excited when he came in with his dad, Rayburn, telling me about of the nice 8 –point buck he found in the Poor Boy Hunting Club in Polk County. This trophy was definitely not his first but maybe the best so far. He was using a 7mm.08 rifle.

The Diboll Business Association selected the Diboll Housing Authority as its “Business of the Month”. The Diboll Housing Authority has been a member since the association was organized five years ago. This non-profit organization is always available to do anything when it comes to promoting Diboll and reminding people to shop locally. Congratulations!

Another member of the Diboll Business Association, Building Blocks Academy on Morris Road in Burke is super excited to announce that the summer of 2017 will be a “Summer of Science”. All ages will be exploring outer space, learning all about the weather and studying the life cycles of plants and animals. The children will be growing and harvesting a garden so that they can see firsthand how a tiny seed turns into food on our tables. They will be using their new outdoor classroom to have tons of fun painting and exploring the great outdoors. To wrap up the summer they will be constructing their very own totem pole and making an active volcano that they will show off at a Hawaiian Luau Bash. Summer enrollment has begun and if you enroll your child by May 15th you will received the 3rd week FREE. Contact the day care for more information 829-2933.

Tina Jowell was in buying a hanging basket and flowers to plant what time she isn’t in the kitchen baking cookies for her business, Desserts First. She was busy baking cookies for Easter and has plans for a gift idea; Mother’s Day Cookie Bucket. Call Tina at 512-963-2600 to place an order.

We welcome you to come in and look around at our wind chimes, tiny terrariums, hummingbird feeders and all kinds of general farm supplies and weird stuff!

See you…’round the table.




April 10, 2017


Special anniversary greetings to Joe Donald and Emma Lee Smith who celebrated 69 years of marriage on April 4th. Joe Donald’s 88th birthday was March 31st. At the time they married in 1948, Joe Donald had just turned 19 and Emma Lee was working and living at the legendary Antler Hotel in Diboll. They had someone drive them to Burke to get married, came back to Diboll, went to the picture show and walked back across the street to the Antler Hotel.

Junious and Dorothy (Tims) Weisinger celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary also on April 4. They were married in 1952 in the Burke Methodist church parlor. They had dated for seven years since Dorothy was 13 years old. Junious was 28 when they married and they spent their honeymoon in Hot Springs. Junious worked at the foundry but loved working on cars and got his experience from Harry Nivens who got his experience from Lee Estes. Because Junious always knew he wanted to one day have his own garage, he saved his wages and they lived off what Dorothy made working at Holder’s Grocery and living next door in a house they rented from Mrs. Viney Allen. They eventually bought their first home for $3,500 and opened a shop on highway 59 in 1956. While Junious did the mechanic work Dorothy did everything else from gathering parts to assistant mechanic. She became so good that Junious said Dorothy could diagnose a faulty fuel pump from listening when a car drove in the shop. They continued to work together for almost 40 years until they retired and closed the garage in 1995. They have two children; Jerry and his sister, Julie Horton.

And there is still another wedding anniversary for special longtime friends, Kenneth and Ginger (Taylor) Capps who celebrated 55 years of marriage on April 6th. They grew up in Diboll and raised their family here that has grown from three children to eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren

Diboll’s First Responders were treated to a hamburger cookout provided by Trinity Nursing & Rehab of Diboll. Chief cooks were Director of Rehab, Jason Burson and his assistant, Barry Spencer. The Business Office Manager, Sara, organized and helped along with the Administrator, known only as “Sam” who worked with William who is a reserve fire fighter and over Maintenance plus many others. The workers hand patted 40 lbs. of hamburger meat and furnished all the trimmings.

William Weeks is a first grade teacher at Hudson’s Peavy primary campus. He was explaining to Andrea they are studying the life cycle of a chicken’s egg. Every class room has an incubator with a scope that allows the students to view inside the egg. Each student is excited and gets to turn the eggs and check the temperature. They have also planted potatoes that can be observed through the container to watch it grow. Wish I could be a fly on the wall the day all those baby chicks hatch, hopefully it will be during the day at school when the students are there to watch. I get excited watching my own two setting hens who just recently hatched out a total of 14 bantam chicks. They are about the size of a golf ball and come out of their shell ready to see their world.

Jim McClain was in town after watching his son Wes “make the cut” to qualify for the Shell Houston Open golf tournament. Wes’ whole family, his parents, Jim and Judy and sister Allison, followed Wesley through 54 holes. Jim shared that the driving average on 11 holes was 307 yards; Wes’ average was 317 yards. Wes was to play in Houma, Louisiana before leaving in two weeks to play in British Columbia, Victoria, Canada. While Jim was visiting at the round table, Harold Maxwell came in and suddenly their entire conversation was ‘golfing’ including stories about the upcoming prestigious Masters’ tournament in Augusta, Georgia. In the meantime, we want to wish Wesley the best of luck in his golfing career!!

Rozalinn Runnels was selected earlier this year as one of only twenty state SAY WHAT!  Ambassadors. SAY WHAT! is an acronym standing for Students Adults and Youth Working Hard Against Tobacco. Her selection process involved lengthy applications, recommendations, YouTube presentations, and conference interviews. She was chosen by the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University for this honor. She attended training with the other state ambassadors last fall in Spicewood, TX. She has assisted in leading action conferences in Henderson and Corpus Christi TX. She will also be traveling to San Antonio and Conroe, TX this summer as she helps bring awareness of the dangers of tobacco use to youth across the state. Rozalinn is a freshman at Zavalla High School.

Just a few more days and the Fish Truck from Arkansas will be in Pouland’s parking lot between 12:15 – 1PM. April 26th is the day.

Time is running out if you plan to attend the reunion of the Diboll High School Class of 1977. They will be having their 40th Reunion April 22 at Behannon’s Warehouse in Lufkin.  They invite all of their classmates and any who would like to visit with them for this event.  The meal will be served about 5:30 and there will be someone there any time from 2pm until about 11pm.  Any wishing to join for the meal needs to RSVP to Charlotte Morris Carter at 936-675-1310.  The cost per meal is $20/ea. It will be catered by the Red Tulip Bistro. The 1977 classmates are chipping in on the building rental. Any teachers of this fun group are invited and their meal will be covered by their favorite group of students. The dress is casual!

Saturday April 22, is the time for the annual Angelina County Trail Ride. Bring your horse and sack lunch and meet in Old Orchard Park in Diboll at 8:30 AM. The ride will end at the Angelina County Expo Center. For more information contact Jim Hightower 632-5313 or Kenneth Wilson 632-2026

The Diboll Pilot Club encourages you to participate in their fundraiser that will be next week on Tuesday, April 18th. All you have to do is EAT at the Whataburger near Walmart between 5 and 8PM and tell them you are there to help the Diboll Pilot Club. It’s that easy!

A BIG Thank You to everyone who participated and helped with another successful Operation Clean Sweep. Diboll is so fortunate to have so many citizens who give freely of their time and talents.

Don’t forget to come by and see all the different gifts items in addition to feed and farm supplies we carry at Pouland’s.

Come see us…’round the table.

April 3, 2017


The Donald Capps bunch gathered this past week-end to celebrate birthdays. They would not let Billie Jean (Baker) forget she turned 75 on March 31.  She is still being reminded about the historic milestone in her life.  (Three quarters of a century.) Donald had to be reminded that he is 4 years older and remains at 79 until next February 13.  Hayden Flynt, grandson, celebrated his 16th birthday.  Joe Jones, son-in-law, has a birthday on the 5th and they will not reveal his age.  There is always lots of fun and laughter going on when this bunch is together and of course, lots of work in the 4S orchard and around the 5 acres. Donald always appreciates their help.  It blesses the lives of the aged ones and helps keep up with all that needs attention. This family plans to gather again soon to celebrate more birthdays in April.

My friend and classmate, Betty Hendrick, sent me news about her recent trip with her friends who own the CD Tour Company in Longview. There were 23 in the group that traveled in the comfort of a 40 passenger bus and handled all the details of the trip, including the luggage. The trip was from March 27 through April Fool’s Day. Following is Betty’s email about the trip.   I have friends who are sisters that own the tour company and put together one of the best trips I have ever seen.  My neighbor asked me if all we did was eat—-I made a promise to use moderation at the restaurant choices and did well.  Two of the places off the beaten path were The Hungry Hill Billy and The Flying Cowboy (that last one was near a WW 2 Airfield and the good menu was typically ranch type food. Other places featured comfort food with which we could identify!    One of the favorite stops was the dinner/show cruise aboard the Georgia Queen.   Shrimp and grits was a feature on the buffet—mercy, those were good.  I think Hole in One in Lufkin has those on their menu.  The music was well done from the 50’s and 60’s—some of our group go line dancing regularly; they stole the show!

Pat Tuttle, a native of Savannah, was on our bus as the city guide.  What a great city, and a wonderful guide! Highlights were Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the historic district with those gorgeous homes and more trees than East Texas, especially live oaks. Did we visit Paula Deen’s restaurant? No…lines were too long and they don’t take reservations. A very interesting stop was Tybee Island with the beautiful lighthouse near the famed Crab Shack.  We also dined at The Pirate House, a one-time hangout for pirates when they came to Savannah. Yes, the bench is in Savannah where Forest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolate; you never know what you will get!” The impressive cemetery from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” made us wish we had time for a ghost walk!   Savannah has so much history from Revolutionary Days as well as Civil War times—stories abound about General Oglethorpe as well as William T. Sherman who liked the city so well he did not make his army set fire to it on his much hated march through Georgia.  Other fires and hurricanes have done their worst in typical ways, but this jewel of a city stands ready for tourists.  The people are very friendly—“Bless your heart!” came from their lips pretty often.  We had good weather and good health…arriving back in Longview and to Lufkin before the storm blew through.

          Dwaine Brown is officially retired from G-P but has no plans to travel except around the ranch, enjoy his horses and relax. Kevin Richardson was in town for a track meet and stopped in for pickled quail eggs and .22 mag shells. JoAnn Anderson sent Thomas to the store to purchase caladium bulbs. Did you see pictures of her Victorian “she shed” in The Journey that Thomas built for her? Thomas said she has now added a garden path. Jesse and Suzanne Bradford were in getting fishing licenses. Larry and Judy Poe stopped by on their way home from a good report in Houston. Patsy Rivers came in the store, remember when she worked at LaNita’s and later at Clark’s for 13 years?

          News is still coming in from winnings at the Houston Livestock show. Cooper Bendy from Chester won his class and Reserve in the Red Brahman 2-year-old bull division. Timber Wright took time off from her nursing studies to exhibit the Champion Beefmaster Heifer in the open show. Congratulations to both of you.

If you need fish to stock a pond mark your calendar for April 26th when the Fish Truck will be parked in front of Pouland’s between 12:15 and 1PM. don’t be late. He will have a variety of fish available on the truck but the 4-6” channel catfish will be $40 per hundred.

Are you ready to ride? The Angelina County Trail Ride will be April 22nd. Gather up your horse, tack, coggins and meet at 8:30 in Old Orchard Park in Diboll. Bring a sack lunch. The ride will end at the Expo Center in Lufkin. For more information, call Jim Hightower, 632-5313 or Kenneth Wilson 632-2016.

The Diboll High School Class of 1977 will be having their 40th Reunion April 22 at Behannon’s Warehouse in Lufkin.  They invite all of their classmates and any who would like to visit with them for this event.  The meal will be served about 5:30 and there will be someone there any time from 2pm until about 11pm.  Any wishing to join for the meal will need to RSVP to Charlotte Morris Carter at 936-675-1310.  The cost per meal is $20/each. It will be catered by the Red Tulip Bistro. The 1977 Classmates are chipping in on the building rental. Any teachers of this fun group are invited and their meal will be covered by their favorite group of students. The dress is casual!

The Diboll Lumberjack Band reminds you to eat at Whataburger near Walmart next Tuesday, April 11th between 5 and 8 PM. When you order please let them know you are there to support the band and 25% of the sales will be donated toward funds for the band’s trip to Disney World.

Coming up this Friday, April 7, is a scholarship fund raiser for the Burke Chapter of the Eastern Star. This group will be selling pulled pork sandwiches at the lodge in Burke until they sell out. You are welcome to eat there or carry it with you. They will deliver within a 15 mile radius with 5 orders or more. For more information call Suzanne Fitts 635-5474; Mary Wells 671-9557 or Sue Johnson 676-7467.

Come see us…’round the table.

March 27, 2017


Diboll has another new place to eat lunch…ARLIS’. Open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10:30 until 3 PM located next to LaLa Patel’s Diboll Food Mart, across 59 from Commercial Bank. Arlis and his wife Nelda have been thinking about this for a few years and decided it was time since he retired January 1st from the family business of building pallets. His sons, Jeremy and Justin, will keep the business going. Arlis is famous for his rib eye sandwiches which will be served every day and other items on the menu include BBQ sandwiches, Baked potatoes and Wings on Wednesday.

The Hummingbirds are here scouting for places to spend the next few months. Jerry Goins saw some scouts and came in to buy a new hummingbird feeder and nectar. It’s time to put the feeders out to attract them to your yard. Andrea just happened to get in some beautiful new feeders in different colors. We also have fresh bedding plants and everyone is getting excited about starting their gardens. Billy Wayne and Alma Breazeale came in for seeds and plants but Alma said she prefers sitting in her recliner and watching the birds. Melvin Linton, Sr., Buddy Shipp and E. W. Scarborough all plant gardens on a larger scale so hopefully we that don’t will have a place to buy fresh peas. We have lots of customers in Polk County that have been faithful through the years to buy our bulk seeds; Pee Wee Purvis is one of them. Shopping with us from Chester in Tyler County was Willie and Lois Thompson who are anxious to get their garden planted.

Ginger Capps came in to buy a Circle E Candle and Peggy Burt purchased a hummingbird feeder and a tiny terrarium for a friend’s birthday. Sherri Paresa came in for Colorado pinto beans. Aaron Smith’s mom, Belinda Smith, stopped by to pick up a copy of Farm & Home magazine. During spring break Dora Trekall took time to pick up rabbit feed for Blair’s show rabbits.

Vic Bass came in carrying a beautiful chocolate cake covered in white icing and saying it was from the “Bass” kitchen leading us to believe he had something to do with baking the cake. The truth is he met Margie Bass in the parking lot who asked him to take the cake inside. It just so happens that both of them are named “Bass”. Isn’t there a commandment for preachers that says “Do not deceive”?

On March 18th, family and friends celebrated with Minnie Jones at the H. G.

Temple School Cafeteria celebrating her birthday and retirement. Ms. Jones has retired after 35 years at Oncor.  The celebration was hosted by her children, Faye Jones, Prentise Jones and Marcus Jones.  All in attendance enjoyed Catfish and all the trimmings.

Minnie Jones was also recognized in Lufkin for her many years of service to Texas Power & Light Company. John Powers said he was working there in 1982 when she applied for a job and became the first black employee. He told her later he knew her dad, Marcellos Jones when they both lived in Diboll’s logging camp at Fastrill. John said she was hired as a cashier and later worked at the front desk before being transferred to the distribution center when ONCOR purchased TP&L. Mr. Powers said, “Minnie was an excellent employee that got things done.” Others attending her retirement party, along with friends and family, included the Mayor of Burke, John T. Jones and the Mayor of Lufkin, Bob Brown and his wife Toni. Fellow employees that grew up in Diboll included Sandra (Havard) Bailey, Richard Martinez and Larry Jansen.

I did some research at the History Center and learned that Minnie graduated from DHS in 1967 and remembered some of her teachers; Mr. Greer, Mrs. Schinke, Mr. Douglas, Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Massey and she said, “They always will leave a lasting impression on my mind and on my heart”. Before transferring to Diboll high school, Minnie was a student at H. G. Temple school where she played basketball from the 7th grade through the 11th, “In the 5 years she played they won 66 straight games.” From her oral history with interviewer, Patsy Colbert, Minnie recalled working at the Pine Bough at 16 when the line on Sunday was out the door and down the street. She also talked about babysitting for Don and Dewana Wier in their new home in South Meadows, “They gave me a ’66 Mustang convertible to drive back and forth to work.” She recalled “Pop and Sis Rich never missed a basketball game at H.G. Temple. They were there on the front row to give us support.”

I thought it was interesting in Minnie’s oral history when she said, “I was chosen as the Rodeo Duchess back in ’66. And Mr. Namon Calhoun – he loved horses and he had a horse called Midnight and that was my horse. After school every evening I would meet him at the H. G. Temple School and he would teach me how to ride Midnight. The first night, well my mom and my dad went to Mrs. Crafts. Mrs. Craft had beautiful clothes, and I can remember my mom buying me a light blue satin pants with a white satin shirt. And we rode in – all the queens rode in and the next day. Mr. Namon Calhoun came and he said, “They said that your daughter is overdressing, she needs to tone it down some.” Minnie Jones was one of six children of Marcellos and Vera Jones. She graduated from Prairie View A&M majoring in Elementary Education and minored in Art. She taught school in Houston several years before moving back to Diboll and going to work at TP&L; the rest is history! Congratulations!

Our thanks to Sue Johnson who visited LuLu’s Bakery & Café in San Antonio and brought us one of their world famous THREE pound Cinnamon Roll. It is something to behold!  She also wanted to remind everyone about the Burke Chapter of the Eastern Star Fund Raiser that will be April 7 at the lodge in Burke from 8 AM until sold out. The menu will be Pulled Pork sandwich with chips and dessert for $7. I will remind you again next week but in the meantime call Sue Johnson for more information. 676-7467

Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening, April 11 and plan to eat at the Whataburger near Walmart between 5 – 8PM. During that particular time Whataburger will donate 25% of all sales to the Diboll Lumberjack Band which will use the money to help fund their trip to Disney World. Please be sure to tell them you are there to support the band.

This weekend, April 1st, is the time for the $5,000 Steak Dinner sponsored by the Angelina County Go Texan Committee. The time is 6PM and the place is Shelton’s on FM 2108 (Airport Road) near FM 58. Call Randall Taylor, 936-634-4134, for tickets which are $100 per couple for an evening of fun and great food. Only 200 tickets will be sold. Remember, someone will leave that night with $5,000 more than when they arrived. Proceeds benefit the scholarship fund which will go to students in Angelina County.

Enjoy the season and come see us…’round the table.

March 20, 2017


Congratulations to Duran Electric for begin recognized as Business of the Month by The Diboll Business Association. Omar and Blanca Duran is the owner. Omar grew up in Diboll and graduated from DHS in 1997. His parents are Arturo and Linda Duran. Duran Electric has been in business for 7 years and specializes in residential and commercial electrical work. Omar and Linda have three children: Omar, Jr., age 3; Valarie, age 9 and Crystal, age 13.

The Diboll Business Association had its monthly meeting in the hospitality room of the Diboll Inn compliments of owners, Rick and Linda Patel. They and their children are very active in the community. Their 11th grade daughter, Krishna, is in band and is a tennis player; her little brother, Dhwani, is in the 4th grade.

A big congratulations to one of our customers, Hallie Hawkins, whose parents are Brent and Jeannie Hawkins. Brent is a former DISD superintendent but presently serves in that position at Livingston ISD. All three daughters, Hallie, Gracie and Hannah attend school there and are involved in many activities. Hallie, the youngest daughter, is a member of the Livingston Junior FFA and raised a Hampshire barrow she named “MFL”, Mister Fat Legs. She exhibited him at the Houston Livestock Show and someone must have liked his fat legs because he was Grand Champion of Hampshire class. Gracie and Hannah also raised barrows but have not yet been in the ring. They are known as the “Hawkins Sistas” and we wish them all luck!

During spring break Lewis and Shirley Ivey traveled to Hot Springs, AR with their daughter Brandy Soto, granddaughter Katylen, grandson Bill and his friend, Emily from Newton. It was a trip down memory lane for them back to the time they lived there for about 7 years. The group rented a nice condo on Lake Hamilton where Shirley enjoyed relaxing and visiting with friends from that area. Brandy enjoyed going with her dad to show the kids where they lived, went to school and the little church that Lewis and his son Brad helped build that is now a mega church. They attended services there and that afternoon drove to the largest lake in Arkansas, Lake Ouchita. Lewis showed them an empty field where he once worked at Weyerhauser. Another day was spent downtown visiting the Alligator Farm, Arlington Hotel, Wax and Gambling Museums filled with Al Compone stories and tested the hot water in natural mineral springs. They enjoyed a “Duck tour” on Lake Hamilton where Lewis showed the kids many former fishing holes.  Before leaving Hot Springs, they visited the Sat bottom Girls Cupcake Bakery where Brandy bought a cupcake and brought all the way home to her husband William who had to stay here and work.

Kathy Sample enjoyed having 6-year-old grandson Jaxon and 2-year-old granddaughter, Linley during spring break. They are the children of Amanda and Blake Yarborough who live in Nederland. It was a busy four days while they were here and included visits to the museum, zoo, McDonalds and a successful fishing venture.

Owners of Los Jarritos, Carlos and Julie Galvan, took some time off from the busy restaurant to spend with their two children; 13-year-old Edward and 11-year-old Alexis. Also having fun with them was Julie’s nephew from Center, 13-year-old Brandon. They visited with Julie’s sister, Nancy, and helped her plant potatoes. Later, they attended a movie, had ice cream and shopped at an estate sale. Another day was spent enjoying a cool swim in the family pool.

Chuck Mann bought plants hoping the cool weather is gone. He said his pecan trees weren’t budding (a sign when to plant) but his neighbors’ trees were. He also bought a fishing license just in case he had time to fish. Richard and Elke Brashear from Corrigan came in for garden seed. Thomas Lowther was showing the video of the 10 baby goats he has at his house.

Brooke Colwell came in with her precious 21-month-old daughter, Gentrie. They were on their way to her sister’s house where her 4-year-old son, Lewin had spent the night with his Aunt Hope and cousins: 6-year-old Kendall; 5-year-old Peyton and 19-month-old Gavin. They had plans to build a raised garden bed.

The Angelina County Go Texan Committee is having another $5,000 Steak Dinner on April 1 6PM at Shelton’s Place. Tickets are $100 per couple and includes a steak dinner with all the trimmings and a chance to win $5,000. VIP table packages are also available but only 200 tickets will be sold. All the proceeds will benefit the scholarship fund for Angelina County students. For tickets or more information, call Randall Taylor 936-634-4134.

Ariana “Ari” Garza, the beautiful daughter of David and LaDonna Garza of Diboll is competing for the title of Miss Cinco de Mayo 2017. Ari is a senior at DHS. You can see her on the volleyball court and also in the courtroom for Mock Trial. She is definitely a leader, strong athlete and Christian young lady. Ari plans to attend the University of Houston and major in Speech Pathology. She is asking people to become a community partner for Team Ari and support her. Look for Team Ari on Facebook her website,, email,, call 635-4468 or 936-229-1762.

Ariana and her “Team Ari” is having a Baked Potato Sale, Friday, March 24, 10:30 – 1:30. Potatoes are Plain with add-ons or BBQ and include a dessert and water. You can pick up at the Lumberjack field house. By the time you read your Free Press it may too late to “preorder” so for more information call LaDonna Garza 936-635-4468 or email

Pouland’s has beautiful bedding plants that are locally grown. Don’t forget we also have gift items, tiny terrariums, fairies, birdseed and all the usual stuff you find in a feed store. So, come see us…’round the table!


March 13, 2017


Did you know that Tuesday, March 14 was the 30th annual Pi Day in honor of the never ending number 3.14159…… a number that contains pretty much every combination of digits imaginable? I was not aware of this special day until visiting with Nancy and Bob Hallett in the store. They came in for bales of alfalfa hay and asked suggestions for a good place to eat. When “pizza” was mentioned, they were delighted and seemed excited about a circle of food. About that time I noticed his and her tee-shirts both were about Pi and that’s how I learned that March 14 is “Pi Day”. Bob pointed to his shirt that stated Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. I read later that Pi Day caters exclusively to mathematical geniuses who love puns and baked goods. Now I know why this day does not interest me except maybe for a piece of pie.   At the near closing of Pi Day, Tina Jowell came in and remembered she needed to bake a skillet blackberry pie for the evening meal to celebrate the special day.

Folks move to Diboll while others move out. Jessica and Doug Dunn moved last weekend from their home in South Meadows to Round Rock which is closer to her brother, Josh, his wife and special niece, Heather. Jessica moved to Diboll with her family and parents, Bill and Debbie Tipton in 1991. Jessica’s husband Doug has been a tug boat captain for eight years working out of Channelview. Jessica was voted #1 Hair Dresser in the recent Best of 75941 and is leaving behind a lot of sad customers.

Moving into Diboll from Cedar Park Texas is Joe and Mickey Crabtree who bought a new home in Deer Trace. Mickey will keep the home fires burning while Joe continues to work toward retirement in July. They looked for and near for the right place to retire and found it here in Diboll. They are excited about the move and love the area and the friendly people here.

Howard and Susan Wickenden made their first visit to The Everything Store during spring break. They moved to the area about three years ago from Houston because they love East Texas and the friendly people here. Actually, Howard is still working with a gas pipeline company in Houston and comes home on the weekends. Susan is a retired teacher that previously taught in the Pasadena ISD when our present DISD superintendent, Vicki Thomas, was there also. Susan told us we are very fortunate to have Mrs. Thomas in the Diboll district. We agreed wholeheartedly. Susan is a substitute teacher at the Diboll Intermediate and Elementary school. She couldn’t believe the beautiful building and said the children and the staff in this district are very respectful. She loves teaching here.

Gary and Cathy Martz are enjoying two of their grandchildren during spring break. Gary and his 6-year-old (I think 6) granddaughter, Allison, stopped by the store for her to play while Gary visited at the roundtable. They had already been to the golf course that morning and fishing the day before. Allison’s parents are Kevin and Lindsey Martz who live in Ft. Worth. Her dad and little 3-year-old sister Taylor were home with Cathy and two dogs, Sophie and Haley. Allison was excited about playing with “Maggie”, Gary’s 7-week old Black Lab and told me all about the Flower Picking contest they had on Sunday.

Mark and Ann Hafernick enjoyed having their 1-year-old grandson, Cooper Johnston, stay in their home a few days. His parents are Lauren and Dr. Judd Johnston from South Lake, Texas. Lauren continues to work as an event planner for Sky Ranch while Judd works at his veterinary clinic in Colleyville.

Last month the Pilot Club of Diboll prepared supper for 28 people. It was an appreciation dinner for Diboll Police and volunteer firemen. Mayor John McClain and City Manager, Gerry Boren, were also present. Mike Gibson, husband of Pilot Club member Dianne, cooked spaghetti for all. The other Pilot Club members brought drinks, salad and desserts. Pilot Club members there helping were: Geneva Ard, Sue Baker, Betty Capps, Vivian Holt and husband Ken, Barbara Nash, Dianne Gibson, Billie Lamb, Camillia Robison and Fran Rodriquez. The Pilot Club has had this dinner for several years and appreciates the First Methodist Church allowing them to use their facility.

Jean (Greer) McCollum was in Diboll visiting with her mom, Bettye Greer. They stopped at the store and spent the rest of the beautiful day touring Azalea Trails and riding through the countryside in and around Nacogdoches. They enjoyed visiting with James and Becky Greer over a meal at Posados. Jean returned to their new home in Naples, Florida on Monday. She and Mike have enjoyed having lots of friends from the north come visit them in Florida during the winter months.

Before spring break Trey Linton took time off from his busy schedule to read several books to the Diboll students in Mrs. Handy’s classroom. Trey’s 5-year-old daughter, Kynleigh, is in her room. His younger four-year-old daughter, Lacey, attends day care.

Madelyn Markus, a young customer of ours from Central, was in buying feed for her project for the youth fair. She had reserve champion last year and working toward having the grand champion this year. She’s a senior and plans to attend Angelina College and SFA and after earning an art degree plans to become a flight attendant.

Folks around here enjoyed the spring-like weather. Jay Wyatt was in buying fertilizer for his yard. Phil Hall bought a new Stihl trimmer. Michael Dorman bought caladium bulbs. Gary Gores bought local honey. Harold Maxwell bought pinto beans. Barbara Lovelady bought a fishing license as well as Travis Parish. Bo Smith bought a beautiful set of midnight blue wind chimes that we are now selling.

The wind chimes we have in stock can be engraved and given as a memorial gift or other special occasions. We also have tiny ornate fairies and other miniature decorations to capture the imaginations of children and adults. Thomas Anderson with his creative welding talents made us a metal tree complete with leaves for us to hang the tiny terrariums we now have for sale. They make great gifts and no two are alike. We invite you to stop by, look around and have a cup of coffee.

Come see us…’round the table.